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Steering Committee

Dr. Lily Ung, Geneva Eye Care (business/property owner)

Lea Sabado, Excelsior Coffee (business owner)

Sean Ingram, Dark Horse Inn (business owner)

Andrea Ferrucci, Dark Horse Inn (business owner)

Staci Chang, San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living (property owner)

Phil Malouf, multiple properties (property owner)

Maribel Raimrez, Excelsior Action Group (nonprofit)

David Latterman, Fall Line Analytics (business owner)

Cathy Mulkey-Meyer, Resident

Shirley Tan (business/property owner)

Raffaella Falchi, Youth Art Exchange (nonprofit) 

William Ortiz-Cartegena, Clecha (nonprofit)


Urban Place Consulting

Kristin Lowell, Inc. 


Chris Corgas, MPA; OEWD Senior Program Manager

The San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living’s history in the neighborhood dates back to 1872. Our facility focuses on long term care, short term rehab, and acute psychiatric care for senior adults by providing the a variety of life enriching programs and services that are accessible, promote individual dignity, encourage independence, and connect them to their community. We love being a part of the greater Excelsior and Outer Mission community. Traveling down the commercial corridor is a trip around the world without ever having to leave San Francisco. It is filled with fantastic restaurants with cuisines from all corners of the world and, most importantly, is a tight knit community. Despite this, our corridor struggles with cleanliness and safety issues. This is why we became involved in the CBD process and joined the steering committee. The process has been incredibly engaging, has brought property owners and merchants together, and has been incredibly well thought out and informative. We believe that a CBD will be able to help improve the cleanliness and safety of the corridor for everyone and be able to holistically address corridor concerns with other stakeholders. We are excited to see what’s to come and enthusiastically support it’s formation!” 


                                                                                                              -Jan Reicher


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